Training with Madja

Summer training begins at the Marlborough College Track on Sunday from March 24th.

Our younger members will probably get most of the training they need by combining the 2 weekly athletics sessions, on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, with a variety of other sport and activity both in school and outside. Some of our older athletes, particularly those who have chosen to focus on one or two athletics events or group of events may want more guidance with their training schedule.

If you would like guidance with your training schedule, in particular what you can do outside MADJA sessions, please contact us and will we will do our best to arrange for one of our coaches with experience in your discipline to assist you.

Sunday Training

  • 9:15am till 10:30am for U9's and U11's
  • 10:30am till 12:00pm for U13's and above.

Wednesday Training

Wednesday training will begin from April 3rd.

  • 6:30pm till 8:00pm for U13's and above.

Training with Marlborough

Summer training

Summer training takes place at Marlborough College Track on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Sunday training is open to everyone interested in keeping fit or competing. Wednesday evening sessions (when light permits) are open to U13’s and older athletes who are competing during the season. U9’s and U11’s are encouraged to keep active through a variety of sports and activities enabling children to develop strength, flexibility, stamina and agility and limit the risk of injury. Older children will train specifically for their events with the support of coaches while continuing with a wide variety of disciplines recognising that young people’s bodies change and so too does natural ability at an event.

MADJA expects all U13’s and older athletes to be willing to compete if selected. Please let your coach know if you are unwilling or unable to compete. We take part in the South West Wessex League, which takes place on four Sundays during the season.

Winter training

We run a combination of running and hill training in addition to competing in cross country events as part of the Oxford Mail XC League. We encourage all athletes to continue their training throughout the winter to maintain their fitness levels and build stamina. The focus this year is on outdoor hill and cross country sessions which are excellent ways to achieve this. During Wednesday evening we offer endurance runs & hill rep sessions.